6 Reasons why I love Dubai

6 Reasons why I love Dubai

You either love Dubai or hate it. So many people around me are saying it is fake there is no nature to see, no culture, its too hot. Yes, you are right, there is always some truth in all of the opinions, however, I prefer to look at everything for the positive side. Whenever I was coming there for holidays, I was always falling in love all over again. I am sure I will go to visit there even more times so today I would like to share with you 6 Reasons why I love Dubai.

One of the reasons why I love Dubai is that it is a perfect holiday destination during wintertime

Imagine winters with -20 degrees, 10 hours of daylight and lots of snow. This is how my childhood looked like 15 years ago. Unfortunately, everything is changing at the moment. The weather is becoming warmer, instead of snowy winters we have rain and strong wind. For me escaping winter and going to the summer in the city such as Dubai is a perfect solution for holidays! You don’t have to be afraid of rainy weather, enjoy the sun all the time and then get back to the cold weather well rested!

All the cultures are welcome there!

I love Dubai because it is welcoming all the religions in the world and accepting different cultures where all the people can live together in peace. Actually, in Dubai, you will not find much of the native people, because 90% of people living there are expatriates from all over the world. It is the most diverse and international city in the world. Due to this, if you have been afraid of language barriers while coming here for a holiday, do not worry, everyone speaks perfect English here.

Another reason why I love Dubai is that it is one of the safest places in the world!

I am not sure about you, but recently I am very concerned about safety. Whenever I hear about accidents happening all over the world, I am afraid even to leave my house. In Dubai, you can feel perfectly safe. All woman solo travelers, include Dubai to your list! It is worth it!

Its architecture and cleanliness

Dubai is cleaner than my own apartment! And I am not living in a place where rats and cockroaches have found their holy heaven, as you would think right now. I have so many people telling me that its so fake, too much glitter and no nature around. I still believe that it is worth going and seeing those tall buildings and everything around it. Yes, it is human-made, every country could do this, but for the moment there is no other such place in the world! The other important thing, at least on my list, is cleanliness. It doesn’t matter in which part of Dubai you are it’s clean and neat everywhere!

Many people would argue with me, but I love no alcohol rule

Everybody will hate me now, but I hate drunk people going around in the streets. I was never the one who would go to drink at the parties till the early morning, so maybe I do not understand this type of lifestyle… For me, it feels so unsafe and ruins the image of every single city I visit during the night time. Dubai is different, and this is one of the 6 reasons why I love it Рyou would never see a drunk person walking in the streets there! Unless you are in a club or next to it, of course, then you can see everything in a bit different light. However, walking around drunk in the streets is not allowed. You will not find alcohol to buy, only in clubs and hotels.

The rules are fine!

Other widely spoken topic – rules. Yes, people hate them! They always complain about it. On the other hand, think if they are so bad as you are trying to make them be? Dubai is not so strict, but you are still not allowed to show affection and love in the streets. You are also not allowed to eat in public transportation or chew gum there. The first time when I heard about it it seemed so stupid, however, think about it. This is the reason why Dubai is so clean and neat! This is why tourists like me enjoy it so much.

I could write a lot about Dubai I loved my time there and would be glad to come back. However, it is not so cheap to go there, especially when talking about the expensive accommodation. I would suggest using Airbnb there! It is safe, and you can find affordable options and also enjoy your time with expatriates living there. I am a lover of nature, but I love Dubai too!

I truly hope that all the 6 reasons why I love Dubai will help you to fall in love with it too. We should explore all the places around the world. So, I hope that even if you prefer nature, at some point in time, you will give a chance to Dubai as well. If you are wondering what you could do in Dubai, you can find some tips in my other blog post about the things to do when you are visiting Dubai!

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