How am I trying to get my motivation back!

This blog is not a place where I will try to convince you how perfect life is. There are good and bad things, ups and downs. Recently, I have a feeling that I need a change in my life, I have been in my comfort zone for too long already. I am a person who needs to be constantly challenged and if I am not chalenged, I am not motivated to do more. I love learning new things, and if I am feeling not getting it, I need to do it myself. Yes! I need to focus on building this blog! I feel I have so many things to share with all of you!


Why do I think it is great to have traveling traditions with your family

Do you have any kinds of traditions with your family? Do you celebrate Christmas or Easter always in a family circle where all aunts, uncles, and grandparents are also there? In our family, most of my cousins, including me, are living abroad. Not many people are gathering together like it used to be 15 years ago. I believe that every family in this world should have something special they do together, even if it happens only once a year. For us, it is family trips!


Running away from reality, a weekend in London

Usually, always rainy London was very kind to us this time. We had a sunny weekend! During 2 days stay there the sun was always there. Only 30 min of rain dropped, and its nothing for London, especially when it comes to October! If you are looking for a place to go for a weekend and are ready to take risks for being wet, London should be your choice. I love it!


Getting a promotion is much easier than you thought!

I know, every one of you who is reading this now is thinking that I am naive and that you will not get a promotion unless you specifically ask for it.
Well, in my opinion, if you need to ask for promotion than your manager is dealing poorly with his work duties.
There are numbers of people working in the companies and wishing to get a higher salary, to be promoted and valued. However, they never realize that wishing is not enough, to be valued, you have to earn it. Let’s talk about what an employer is looking for in a person.
Every good employee deserves a promotion and I just received one! No good manager will give you a promotion if you are just waiting for it, you need to work for it too! Here in the below, I will tell you how and why!


What do I find the hardest thing when blogging

A few years ago I have been intensively looking for the ways to earn money, one of the ideas was blogging, so I have decided to start my blog and earn money in this way! However, what happened, I got lost with the topics to write about, due to that I did not have any inspiration and commitment to do it. What happened after that, I suppose you already understand, I did not achieve anything… I was not blogging, I was not writing at all, my idea died. Here you will find my list of the hardest things I find while blogging.


The million-dollar question – how to be happy ? !

You know, I was thinking recently, who is the happiest in this world… In my opinion, it’s a child! They have all the life ahead of them, they are learning every day, finding something new and exciting! Most importantly, they do not need to be taking care of anything, everything is served by their parents 🙂 As a result, in my new post, I have decided to think of the happiness and connect it to the childhood.


Go for it! The art of getting all you want

Do you have any dreams in your life? I am sure you do! The same way as I do! However, sometimes it is hard for us to start working on our dreams. We get stuck in our regular daily lives and even forget what we dreamed about. So, how to start doing it? How to start working towards your life and feel happy about it?


Yes, you heard it right, black is my happy color!

Black and white. Good and bad. Have you ever thought that our minds are negatively shaped by the color black? Since we were small kids, darkness was always associated with something bad. “Come home before darkness”, “Do not walk alone in the streets at night” Black has become a victim of it. People who are wearing only black were also having the image of being the ones who are breaking the rules. However, this is not true! Let’s start looking at this color from another perspective today!


I have a confession to make – I am a pro in wasting my time!

I just recently read that a person can concentrate only on a few hours per day! This a complete reality in my life! Recently, I do not find anything engaging in my life. I am wasting my time watching my favorite sitcom – Friends. Sometimes it happens that I have even no mood to go out with friends on summer weekends! Do you have any suggestions on how could I change it?



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