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4 things I learned about myself

4 life lessons I learned

Yesterday my birthday. It is still unbelievable that I’m 28 already! For me, I still feel like a 15-year-old and, for sure, do not feel like being a grown-up person. It seems so funny sometimes, while the rest of my friends are planning families and kids, I still haven’t decided what I want in my life. I do not even know where I would like to live, so what to say about having family and kids. However, what I know is how much I learned during my short life on earth!

10 ways of how I am trying to get motivated!

This blog is not a place where I will try to convince you how perfect life is. There are good and bad things, ups and downs. Recently, I have a feeling that I need a change in my life, I have been in my comfort zone for too long already. I am a person who needs to be constantly challenged and if I am not chalenged, I am not motivated to do more. I love learning new things, and if I am feeling not getting it, I need to do it myself. Yes! I need to focus on building this blog! I feel I have so many things to share with all of you!

11 ways for you to be happy

A million-dollar question 🙂 Happiness is everything if we do not feel happy, or life will just become miserable and then we would get stuck in the middle of a crisis. In the place where I live, many people are unhappy about their lives, most of them are used to complain all the time, think that their life is really bad and would never say that they have lived their lives in full capacity. That is one of the reasons why today I have decided to reflect on something good and think of the ways how to be happy.

7 things wasting our time & how to get rid of them

Time wasting is an activity that takes a lot of our time but does not help us to achieve anything in our lives. Have you ever in life faced the point where you were thinking “common, why am I doing this? This is just a waste of my time!”? Today we will discuss 7 things which are wasting our time and how to get rid of them. While going through the list, think if you are doing any one of them, and I am 100% sure that there is at least one related to you, and try to find a way how to change waste and make it into something useful and goal-oriented.

6 steps to succeed in organizing your week

Planning and organizing might not always be the easier thing in life. I have always thought I am great in time management and organization, then I started writing this blog and everything turned upside down. I had many ideas in my mind to share with you and no time, or power, to do it after my 9 to 5 job. So many things, tasks, I became overwhelmed many times and finally gave up. Its a couple of years later now and I am trying to put my full focus on this! One of the first tasks to achieve – content and its organisation! Here is how I’m going to do it…

9 ways to overcome stress

To be honest, lately, I have been struggling with everything in my life. Going to work has become a big challenge every morning with no motivation even to get out of my bed. I truly start believing that working in big corporations is not the best thing for all of us. Everyone around me seems miserable and overworked with a high level of sarcasm while speaking, so I decided to look for ways of overcoming this feeling and going back to myself as soon as possible! Here are my steps towards a better future!

5 reasons why it is good to move away

If I would have to remember all the crazy moments in my life, one of them would be applying to the work in another country. At one point, I got so tired in my work. I broke up with my boyfriend as well. So I started thinking, I need to change something in my life. The best way to do it is by going out of your comfort zone! As a result, I applied to one job offer in another country. As a joke. What happened next – I accepted the job offer! I left everything behind, moved to the other country, and started everything all over again. Honestly, I moved to the place, I have never been in my life before, I even had no idea how my work will look like, just that it’s finance-related! Crazy, I know! However, now, I wish to all of you – dear to dream because dreams come true!

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