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6 Reasons why I love Dubai

6 Reasons why I love Dubai

You either love Dubai or hate it. So many people around me are saying it is fake there is no nature to see, no culture, its too hot. Yes, you are right, there is always some truth in all of the opinions, however, I prefer to look at everything for the positive side. Whenever I was coming there for holidays, I was always falling in love all over again. I am sure I will go to visit there as soon as the next tower is open.

Why do I think it is great to have traveling traditions with your family

Do you have any kinds of traditions with your family? Do you celebrate Christmas or Easter always in a family circle where all aunts, uncles, and grandparents are also there? In our family, most of my cousins, including me, are living abroad. Not many people are gathering together like it used to be 15 years ago. I believe that every family in this world should have something special they do together, even if it happens only once a year. For us, it is family trips!

Traveling to Cyprus on winter

This time I had a chance to meet 2020 in Cyprus! A small island in the Mediterranean sea. Coming from cold Lithuania, where I had my family Christmas celebration, to a much warmer climate was like a dream came true to me. Even in late December days, the sun is shining with +15 to +17 degrees during the day makes all the magic happen!

5 reasons why it is good to move away

If I would have to remember all the crazy moments in my life, one of them would be applying to the work in another country. At one point, I got so tired in my work. I broke up with my boyfriend as well. So I started thinking, I need to change something in my life. The best way to do it is by going out of your comfort zone! As a result, I applied to one job offer in another country. As a joke. What happened next – I accepted the job offer! I left everything behind, moved to the other country, and started everything all over again. Honestly, I moved to the place, I have never been in my life before, I even had no idea how my work will look like, just that it’s finance-related! Crazy, I know! However, now, I wish to all of you – dear to dream because dreams come true!

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