You have to book your next summer holidays in Greece!

This summer I was finally able to visit my greek friend in his home -Greece! Honestly, I never thought I would be able to manage to do it. Both of us are always busy. We are traveling around a lot. Work is also not so flexible sometimes to let you go whenever you want it. Anyhow, I can put a checkmark for Greece being one of the best summer holiday destinations along with its incredible islands and beaches around the country.


Meeting 2019 in Oslo

What happens when your best friend lives in one country and you in another? Well, that’s obvious, you both go and visit each other! So, this year after visiting my family for Christmas, I packed my stuff again and went for my best friend in Oslo! At least I saw the winter there!


Family holidays – 2017 June in Croatia

Croatia is one of the few countries which are included in my list of places where I will be back several times! I loved this place! From sandy beaches, nice seasides to a Plitvice national park where you feel like walking in the middle of the jungle! If you will ever be considering this as a holiday destination, I highly suggest you go!


Moving away – expat life in Krakow, Poland

If I would have to remember all the crazy moments in my life, one of them would be applying to the work in another country. At one point, I got so tired in my work. I broke up with my boyfriend as well. So I started thinking, I need to change something in my life. The best way to do it is by going out of your comfort zone! As a result, I applied to one job offer in another country. As a joke. What happened next – I accepted the job offer! I left everything behind, moved to the other country, and started everything all over again. Honestly, I moved to the place, I have never been in my life before, I even had no idea how my work will look like, just that it’s finance-related! Crazy, I know! However, now, I wish to all of you – dear to dream because dreams come true!


Switzerland must see – Montreux

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