To be honest, lately, I have been struggling with everything in my life. Going to work has become a big challenge every morning with no motivation even to get out of my bed. I truly start believing that working in big corporations is not the best thing for all of us. Everyone around me seems miserable and overworked with a high level of sarcasm while speaking, so today I decided to share with you 9 ways to overcome stress!

In order to overcome stress, you should have a hobby

My lifesaver, my treasure, my blog! Here, on this website I am able to live a different life, to express myself and have some peace! It helps me to put my mind together and thinks of the ways which would help me to improve my life.

Make time for yourself

  • Try on the relaxation techniques
  • Go out and breathe some fresh air.
  • Go outside!
  • Get enough sleep
  • Start living healthy
  • Avoid using Caffeine , Alcohol, and Nicotine
  • Eat healthily
  • Get moving!
  • Physical activities help to reduce stress and are a great way to forget your problems.

Exercise in order to overcome stress

Another of my lifesaver is exercising! For those who are not doing it, believe me, you will regret someday in your life. For those doing it, good job! I am sure you will agree with me! While exercising I am always feeling much better

Communicate more – build relationships

Even just a simple chat with someone about your feeling could help you fight the stress. It is never good to everything for you, this only makes things worse. You would not only be more stressed but also tired and closed into yourself.

Avoid stress

We all know that it is hard to avoid stress, but in some cases, we can do so. For example, if your co-worker is not able to do his own work and asks you for help, remember, you do not have to always agree on what you are asked for. Learn to say „no“ – do not accept everything you are asked if you are busy enough with your own work to do.

Adjust to the situation – ask for help if you need

Another great thing about relationships at work and communication is the help you may get in your hard times. If you know a person at work who could help you to solve the problem or finish a big project, ask for help!

Take control

You might face stress due to the situation. Sometimes you may feel that it is impossible to solve the problem or finish the project on time, but you have to take control, cope with your doubts and start working on them now!

Plan your time

If you have many different tasks you have to do all in your mind, it might seem very much to do. Try to make a to-do list, after having your work written down on the paper you will be able to see what is necessary to be done and even how much time it might take. Remember – always start from the hardest tasks and those that have to be done in the first place! Do not overwhelm yourself with the easy tasks that can be done later, do what has to be done.

Embrace mistakes – we all do them!

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