Are you considering to change your life? Maybe finally you have decided to work for yourself and do what you love?

Of course, right now I will not try to convince you that owning a business is a happy life with no stress at all. Believe me, you will have bad moments, stress, but every single challenge you get will only make your stronger. You will be much more confidence in yourself.

The other important detail to talk about is, of course, money. Yes, you can make money working by yourself. It can be the less, it can be same amount you are getting at the moment, but it can also be much more! The best thing about it is that sky is the limit and you can do it by yourself right now! Without waiting approval from your manager!

Yes, it will be hard, it is not an easy task. So how should you do it?

Evaluate your skills and experience

Eliminate your doubts and fears

Know your finances

Keep in mind that you have to calculate not only your own salary, taxes, but also the expenses of your business

Being your own boss means giving yourself a paycheck, before leaving your own work, know and estimate if you can afford it and if this will let you to live a normal life without causing too much stress while trying to survive.

Stability and discipline

Time management

Personal support

Get the plan and follow

Are you going to hire someone? Can you do everything by yourself? If yes, think about how you are going to do it.

The worst thing is not having a plan of reaching your goals. I have seen many people trying to start something but soon giving up because they just simply did not know what to do.

Start small

In order to avoid stress and too much work, start small, work part time and check how is it going for you. If everything will go smoothly and you will think about expanding – do it!

Transition and expansion plan

Business is not only about you offering a product – it is also finding who is going to buy them. How are you going to encourage them to buy? Where will you sell? How you are going to market it?

Have courage to say goodbye

We all know how hard it is sometimes to leave your comfort zone and go to the unknown. Do not make too much stress for yourself and just leave – with grace, with passion for something new to happen in your life.

Keep the flow

Probably the biggest challenge for starting working on your own is to have discipline in yourself and keep the work going. If something is not going as expected many people are giving up and stopping, do not do it. Try and work, work, work, we know you can make it.

The beauty of being your own boss is to be able to spend time on the things you love doing. Furthermore you will be able to plan your time in a way you wish it, not what others says you to do.

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