I know, every one of you who is reading this now is thinking that I am naive and that you will not get a promotion unless you specifically ask for it. Well, in my opinion, if you need to ask for promotion than your manager is dealing poorly with his work duties. There are numbers of people working in the companies and wishing to get a higher salary, to be promoted and valued. However, they never realize that wishing is not enough, to be valued, you have to earn it. Let’s talk about what an employer is looking for in a person. Every good employee deserves a promotion and I just received one! No good manager will give you a promotion if you are just waiting for it, you need to work for it too! Here in the below, I will tell you how and why!


First of all be 100% sure that you are doing your daily work perfectly. Show yourself as a responsible personality, do everything on time and as fast as possible, never leave any tasks hanging for a long time.


Show yourself as a caring person, help to other team members if needed and help to create a good atmosphere in your work environment.


Never come late and never take days off without giving a notice before leaving. Some people tend to take days off without noticing, they are leaving other people to do their work without letting them know about the situation you are in, and then they get stressed with many different requests and questions for which they do not even know the answer. Do not be that person, before leaving, take care of the urgent, try to leave your place as comfy as possible, do not stress your colleagues, they also have their own work to do.


Networking is everything, in order to go to the other position you have to be noticed by other managers. If there are any chances you could show yourself like making a training to others, this would be a great way to show some leadership in yourself.


Coming to work is not everything. You have to continue studying and learning, this is one of the ways you can go further. Everyone is looking for people who wish to know more, who wish to study and learn something new in their lives. Do not stop with your bachelor degree, continue.

Now if you already are 100% sure that you are doing everything mentioned before, go to talk to your boss and ask for the promotion! Wondering how to do it? Read about it in our next blog post