One of the biggest fears we have deeply hidden inside of all of us is a fear of self-promotion and public speaking. I am the best example of it. I was always the last to go to any performances at school, the last one to go for any kind of project and speaking competitions. It has been a long time I am trying to cope with this fear and I would like to share with you how am I doing it!

You are planning your business?

Of maybe you wish to have an amazing career?

However really hate to “promote” yourself to others… You think that sometimes you do not really have anything to offer…

Marketing is a key to your success. It does not really matter which career patch you are climbing. You can be actor, singer, but at the same time sales person, journalist and even accountant. Everywhere you have to promote yourself in order to succeed.

People who are afraid to promote themselves usually tend to fall into the category of low level job positions, because they have less confidence than those who are more confident about themselves.

Promoting yourself means taking a risk to be judged by others which leads to one of the following outcomes: either success ir a failure

Identify the fear

Once you identify your fears, then you can fight them.

One of the first steps one has to take is to identify the fear itself. What are you afraid of? Rejection? Judgement? Other people opinion? You do not have to be afraid of any of these things.

Sift your mindset to the product and benefits/not selling

I know, it is hard, especially for introverts like me. However, once you try, you will see how useful it might be for you and your future.

Self-promotion is not about selling, it is about showing your greatest qualities to the others and letting them know what you can do. Many people/companies might be looking for something you can do, but they never find. Why? Because not everyone is able to promote themselves.

Prepare and practice your pitches

If you are having a blog, and want to have a v-log included there, present a product or a service you have to practice. “Practice makes it perfect” Right? So once you have your speech written down on paper – practice it!

Know your audience

In order to know the best way to present yourself, you have to know who the listener is. Depending on an audience you have to make different adjustments and then prepare accordingly.

Believe in yourself

All people are same as you, all are afraid of self-promotion in one or the other way. Some of them just are able to deal with this fear much easier than the others.