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Useful expressions in Lithuanian

  • Hello: Labas
  • How are you: Kaip gyveni?
  • Good bye: Viso gero
  • Good morning: Labas rytas
  • I love you: Aš tave myliu
  • Thank you: Ačiū
  • Yes: Taip
  • No: Ne
  • Please: Prašau
  • Pardon me: Atsiprašau
  • Do you speak English?: Ar kalbate angliškai?

good to know!

Population: about 2,794 million people live in the country

Coastline: 262 km

Language: Lithuanian

Currency: Euro

Emergency phone no: 112

Power supply: 230v/50Hz

Internet: 4,052 free hotspots around Lithuania. Check the MAP here

Water:  yes, you can drink the tap water in Lithuania.

Documents: In most cases – ID  or a passport is enough, always double check before you go. If you’re an EU citizen, you can use your national ID card. 

Visit Lithuania

from Amsterdam 2:30h

from Oslo 1:50h

from Warsaw 7:00h

from London 2:50h


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