This time I had a chance to meet 2020 in Cyprus! A small island in the Mediterranean sea. Coming from cold Lithuania, where I had my family Christmas celebration, to a much warmer climate was like a dream came true to me. Even in late December days, the sun is shining with +15 to +17 degrees during the day makes all the magic happen!

Warm winter weather

2019 December was my first time visiting this beautiful island. First of all, I have never been there and I had no idea how is it going to look like. My first questions were – “What kind of clothes should it take there?”. There was only one thing I knew for sure that it will be much warmer than in my home country, and, for sure, this was the case. Cyprus has the mildest winter in the whole Mediterranean region. The first day when I landed from Lithuanian 0 degree raining weather, Cyprus met me with nice sun and +18 degrees! Believe me, this is amazing to have during the wintertime! I love the sun and had no chance to enjoy it since October rains started, so this was like a dream come true. During the day you will be comfortable walking outside, however, if you are planning to go out during the evening, please take something warmer. Days are not long and in the evening the windy weather with no sun is not so pleasant as it would look like.

Less crowded – no people

During wintertime, you will not see many tourists coming to Cyprus so it is perfect timing for you to go around. If you are thinking to visit all the historic sites and villages you should go during wintertime. Its fewer people and more peaceful if you want to escape the big city life.

Cheaper prices

The season for business and tourism is during the summer, this means prices are much higher during that time. If you wish to have a cheaper holiday in Cyprus you should choose off-season – winter time.