Hello – Ciao

Good Morning – Buongiorno

Good Evening – Buonasera

Good Bye – Arrivederci / Addio

Please – Per favore

Thank you – Grazie

You’re welcome – Prego

Yes/No – Si/No

Pardon me – Scusami

I don’t speak Italian – Non parlo Italiano

I’m sorry – Mi dispiace

I’m allergic to ____ – Sono allergico a ____.

Help! – Aiuto!

I love Italy! – Io amo l’Italia!

(1) One – Uno

(2) Two – Due

(3) Three – Tre

(4) Four – Quattro

(5) Five – Cinque

(6) Six – Sei

(7) Seven – Sette

(8) Eight – Otto

(9) Nine – Nove

(10) Ten – Dieci

(20) Twenty – Venti

(30) Thirty – Trenta

(40) Fourty – Quaranta

(50) Fifty – Cinquanta

(60) Sixty – Sessanta

(70) Seventy – Settanta

(80) Eighty – Ottanta

(90) Ninety  – Novanta

(100) One hundred – Cento

How are you? – Come sta?

Do you speak English? – Parli inglese?

What time is it? – Che ore sono?

Where are you from? –  Di dove sei?

Where is the airport? – Dov’e l’aereoporto?

Where is the train station – Dove si trova la stazione ferroviaria?

Where is this address? –  Dov’è questo indirizzo?

How much is it? – Quanto costa?

Where is the pharmacy? – Dov’è la farmacia?

Where is the bathroom? – Dov’è la toilette?

Best Places to Visit in Italy!




Amalfi Coast and Capri

The Cinque Terre


Lake Garda


mln. pleople
km coastline
m highest mountain peak
km longest river

Book your hotel right now!

CITY TAX. Don’t forget that many cities in Italy will charge you with a city tax. It varies from 1 to 5 EUR per person, per night. Usually you will need to pay this amount in cash, so do not forget to have some with you! Before booking a hotel please read terms and conditions very carefully.

No tips, but a COVER CHARGE. If you by any chance will see some additional money charged to your bill, do not get suspicious, probably restaurant is charging you with the cover charge. Usually this is an additional 1 to 5 EUR charge for the bread on the table.

Use the Train. Traveling by train in Italy is super EASY! Just never forget to VALIDATE your ticket when you get into the train, or even before getting into it, there are machines where you can do it easily. Even if you will have a valid ticket, but with no validation, you will get a fine for that.

Public restrooms are paid here! Do not be surprised if you will see a charge for using public restroom, it can be 1 to 2 EUR. One great thing – they are much cleaner as well.



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