I just found out that my next trip will be to Israel! I have never thought I will ever be adding this country into my list, but you can never know, right?

As the actual trip is going to happen in April, I have decided to start looking for places to visit already now. First of all, it’s all because of excitement and also for curiosity to understand what to expect when getting there. Places to go, how to behave and what kind of food should we try there.

As for the country, I am a bit hesitant to go, because you can never know what could happen while you are there. One day it looks like everything is in peace, but since Israel is surrounded by countries like Iraq you might never know.

Whenever you think of the Mediterranean region and holidays there usually you think about countries such as Italy, Greece, Spain. However, there are many more jewels hidden in the region about which we rarely think of is Israel. One of the reasons most people do not consider it and also why I am hesitant to go there is safety. There is a risk of terrorism due to neighboring countries such as Syria. Foreigners also are being reported to be kidnaped and used in hostage situations. As a result, you will never know what could happen during your visit.

As far as I just found out that my next trip will be going to Israel, I have started looking for the things to do there, and reasons to visit.