What places should you see when coming to Dubai?

In total, I have already been 3 times in Dubai and I still am far away from getting bored with it. I love to go there during the winter season to get some sun as this is one of the safest travel destinations around the world!
The diversity of people in such a country is the other thing that it makes even more attractive, you can see all the people around the world in there. A bit pricey, but it is worth at least to see it once in your life.

So what should you do/see when in Dubai?

Dubai Fountains

For me, Dubai fountains are one of the few places where I always go to visit! The fountain is the largest musical fountain in the world! This is such a magical experience when you go to listen to music and enjoy the view.

I and my friends I always chose to go to the Shake Shack, make some lemonade and enjoy the experience. Why Shake Shack? The place, as you all know is affordable and it is right in front of the fountains, plus – you can often find free spots there!

Fountains are working every single day from 6 pm to 11 pm every half an hour so even if you got late to one performance you can wait for another and if you are sipping a nice lemonade it is even better!

Burj Khalifa

Right next to the fountains you have Burj Khalifa, so far the tallest building in the world, but not for long.

Dubai shopping mall

Take a once railway train to Atlantis

No driver in a railway, not in trams!

Dubai Marina

Take a ferry! See Dubai from a different perspective!


Burj al Arab

Dubai Frame

Old Dubai

Dubai souk

Dubai Miracle gardens

Trip to the dessert

Abu Dhabi – Grand Mosque

On my other blog post you can find the reasons why I love Dubai, check them out and let me know if you agree or not!

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