Working from home during COVID-19? How to do it right?

The 2020 has brought big challenges to our lives. The virus is spreading heavily at the moment and the only way to prevent it from spreading, even more, is a lockdown. These are the steps that have been taken by most of the countries in the world. People are not allowed to go out without wearing protective masks, only limited amounts of people are allowed to enter the shops and only wearing gloves! Many of the companies around the world have also taken this very seriously and introduced working from the home possibilities for all the employees whom this is a possible option. The same was applied to me, it is already a month since I did not leave my apartment. I have been out only in cases of grocery shopping and picking up my courier delivery items. 

While many of the people are complaining about staying home, I would say that I managed to get used to it and even make my life better than ever before, even though, I badly miss traveling! I started doing things that I never had time before – I am learning, fixing this website and exercising for keeping myself healthy and sane!

In case you are struggling to cope with “work from the home” challenge, I will try to share some of the tips which help me in the below:

Have a place to work

In many of the articles on the internet, I was reading tips and advises that in order to be more productive people must have a table to work at, also many of them mentioned not to sleep where you work. Honestly speaking – the bed is my best friend. I love to lay down, turn on some nice music, take my laptop and start writing articles. For me it is comfortable and I do not require anything else. The other place, during the summer, is a terrace – I love hanging out in there and work with a hot cup of coffee or a glass of freshly squeezed orange juice!

As a result, what I am trying to tell you now is that you should find your spot, a place where you feel comfortable, where no one can distract you and where you will be able to focus. It doesn’t matter where it is, it matters that you like it!

Talk to people when you are working from home

If you are allowed to work from home by your employer, do not forget to connect with your colleagues. A time when we cannot go out and meet people it is very crucial to have someone to talk to! I am lucky that I am no longer living alone, I have been thinking about this already since the beginning of the lockdown, otherwise, I would have gone crazy already by now.

As a result, organize meetings with our colleagues and manager, give updates or discuss any issue you face during the working day. The other thing you can do is replicate your “coffee breaks” and have them at home! Invite your colleagues for a coffee and have a video chat with them. Talk about their experiences, find out if everything is fine in their lives, maybe something big happened and you had no idea about it…? You will keep each other closer and at the same time, this will give you more positive feelings during the day!

*If you have people who are sucking your energy and always complaining about everything in their lives, please, I am begging you, avoid them as much as you can. They might easily convert you from being happy to miserable.

Working from home and your to-do list

Do you have daily plans? Monthly plans? The very first thing you could do when working from home and starting your workday is planning. Think of the things you need to do today and follow the plan. 

For me, having a “to-do” list is a very great tool to have, especially when you have a very productive day! You realize how much you can do and feel proud of yourself. 

Plan your way against the distractions

The beginning of working from home was not easy for me. I was watching a lot of series on Netflix, scrolling social media and not doing much, until I realized that now can actually be a chance to get my things together! I was given the possibility to save time on commuting, to sleep longer and have less stress during the day! (Sometimes the office is also not such a nice place to be, I believe many of you know that too)

As soon as I realized that I canceled my Netflix subscription, I signed up for the online training, have been reading amazing and inspirational books (One of them – “Never split the difference, negotiating as if your own life depended on it” – by Chris Voss, highly recommended). Moreover, I started working on this website even more proactively, as before I could hardly find inspiration and mood for it! Once I found my goal, nothing is distracting me, but the other simple tip would be – turn off your phone!

“Opportunity is missed by most people because it is dressed in overalls and looks like work.”

Thomas Edison

I truly believe that all of you could use the experience of working from home wisely! Find your passions or learn something new! Do not complain that you have to stay home, complaining never help, it will just drag you down even more than you have been before! Make it a joyful experience! Finally, connect with your family, spend more time with them and enjoy that they are all healthy!

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